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    • Dual locking ball bearing seat sliders for smooth seat adjustment and positive retention
    • Seat sliders provide 7 inches of front-to-rear adjustment for driver/passenger comfort
    • Seat sliders have an assembled height of 1-1/2-inches
    • Assembled dimensions of 12-1/2-inches long by 3-1/4-inches wide (including handle)
    • Does NOT include fasteners to mount to floor frame adapter or seat
    • Seat slider studs are 5/16-18 thread and 1-inch long
    • Seat sliders directly fit Speedway universal bucket seat mount frame and seat mounting plates (NOT INCLUDED)
    • Can be used with other seat mounts and seat plates, though some may require modification

    Works well with your Hot Rod , Muscle Car, Sports Car and more

    Our Universal Seat Slider Kit is the perfect upgrade to convert a fixed seating position in an older hot rod to an adjustable one to give the perfect seating position for driving enjoyment. Custom projects and DIY fabricated seat mounting frames can also benefit from using our Universal Seat Slider Kit to allow easier access to the rear seat, better driving position, and more.

    We do NOT include hardware to mount our seat sliders to your floor/seat mount or to your aftermarket bucket seats. The studs are 5/16-18 thread and one inch long, so you will need to pick up some 5/16-18 hardware (we recommend lock nuts or nuts/lock washer combination). The sliders provide a square hole at each end to accept a carriage bolt to secure a seat mounting bracket/flange (NOT INCLUDED) or to be inserted directly into the seat bottom if designed to do so.

    To clear the lock mechanism and prevent binding we suggest a 1/2-inch-tall steel or aluminum spacer (NOT INCLUDED) for clearance between the seat and sliders. This provides a 2-inch overall height to the assembly, something to factor in with your floor mount and seat base height to determine your final seat height. Alternatively, our Universal Seat Mounting Frame and Slider Kit may be your best option, as it includes everything to fabricate a custom seat mounting solution, so be sure to check that kit out as well. Whichever way you decide to mount these, adding a set of our Universal seat sliders will make the ride much more enjoyable!

    Adjust Your Seat

    Our Universal Seat Slider Kit features a pair of ball-bearing supported seat sliders with pull wire assembly. These universal seat sliders allow up to 7 inches of seat movement to give you that Goldilocks feeling of sitting just right; not too close, or not too far from the steering wheel and pedals. Seat sliders are the perfect upgrade for easier rear seat access as well. The adjustable seat sliders feature individual locks for each side controlled by a single hand lever, making seat adjustments quick and easy without that “seat wiggle” a single locking seat sider can cause.

    Our Universal Seat Slider Kit is designed to be a direct fit with our Universal Bucket Seat Frame Mount Bracket but obviously can be used in any manner of custom fabricated seating configurations. The center-to-center distance on the mounting studs is 12 inches with the pull wire at its stock length, but the pull wire can be modified to bring the tracks closer or further apart as needed for your individual application.

  • Total adjustment length of 7 inches
  • Sold as a pair of bracket sliders for one bucket seat
  • Locking mechanisms on both sides of rails
  • 12.5 inches overall length, 3.25 inches overall width including adjustment arm
  • Universal sliders may require modification to your custom application
Honors Manufactures warranties . These seats are custom order non stocking. Once ordered they are non cancel-able and non refundable. Seats come with a limited warranty from the manufacture against manufacture defects.

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